The Band

Reconnecting with people after 30 years can lead to all sorts of interesting things. As two former members of the late '70's Richmond, VA country rock band, Blue Ridge, Bob Lawler and Doug Meacham had not seen each other in over 3 decades.  A chance reconnection on Facebook led to a breakfast meeting and a discussion of what each of us had been doing since we were younger, thinner and had more hair. Turns out we were both interested in playing again and felt that it was a great time to update our old sound with perfect covers of great Americana, Alt-Country, Alt-Folk and Roots Rock songs from the last 30 years.  And with that, the idea of The Sequels was born.  

The Sequels features five talented musicians who have covered every genre from metal to prog to country.  The band showcases a wide range of high energy material from classic alt-country, bluegrass, honky-tonk, rockabilly, roots rock and americana genres. In addition to being talented players, all 5 members of the band are great singers. Our vocal performances and tight harmonies are one of the things that really sets us apart from other bands.  For more details about each of the performers, check out the individual player bios below. 

Look for The Sequels to be playing around the Richmond area in late April.

The Players

Doug Meacham: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards  
Doug has been playing in bands around Richmond for 40 years.  Way back when Gerald Ford was President, Doug and Greg Marrs (The Taters) formed a band called Hobbiton Bridge.  Starting out as a acoustic quartet playing mostly folk rock, it quickly evolved into a full-blown rock band with a bizarre mix of material covering everything from Yes and Gabriel-era Genesis to Ohio Players and Earth Wind & Fire (we used kazoos for the horn parts).  When the band broke up in the late '70's, Doug joined Blue Ridge, a popular country rock band at the time.  This is where Doug and The Sequels' Bob Lawler first met.  After Blue Ridge came several other touring bands including Tracks and Buster.  In the late eighties Doug played with The Red Ball Jets and later, The Shirts.  In the late 90's, Doug created a one-man band called Radio80 which leveraged a midi sequencer, sound modules and sampling to accompany his live performance of classic 80s songs.  In the 21st century, he's played with the popular party band,  Daddy-Oh, singer/songwriter Chris Adams and most recently, an acoustic 5-piece band called Strummer, which is where Doug met The Sequels' drummer, Scot Hale.  A fan of pretty much every genre, Doug's approach to cover bands has always been to try to recreate the sound of the original artist as closely as possible.  When he's not playing, Doug is an avid concert and music festival attendee.

Bob Lawler: Lead Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Fiddle, Vocals
Bob is a multi-instrumentalist who has been playing music for longer than he would care to admit. He played in Richmond with Blue Ridge for nine years in the 70’s. After that ended, he joined former members of the Andrew Lewis Band for an experiment that was a great band but failed to last. He left Richmond in ’80 to join a band out of Ohio called The Carnahan Brothers that toured most of the country playing country rock, country, and bluegrass. They recorded in Muscle Shoals Alabama, but that failed to go anywhere. After returning to Richmond he played with several local bands such as The Cosmic Cowboy band and The Darlene Meade Band before joining another touring band called Thunderroad out of Virginia Beach. That was another long term band lasting another nine years. After a short break from playing, he was the soundman for The Janitors which was the longest year ever, having to commute back and forth from Richmond to Virginia Beach every day. He finished up after that playing with Blackwater for several years. After all of those years on the road, he took a break from music, until running into Doug Meacham, former keyboard/guitar/singer for the original band Blue Ridge, who he had not seen since '79 when the band broke up. They met over breakfast and talked about wanting to play together again, so here we are now with The Sequels where Bob covers lead guitar, steel guitar, banjo, mandolin, and fiddle, in addition to vocals.

Ryan Lake: Lead Guitar, Vocals  
Ryan plays guitar.  i mean he REALLY can play the guitar.  Like Ziggy did, only a lot faster.  'Nuff said.









Erik Kutzler: Bass Guitar, Vocals
In addition to being a great bassist who has previously played with several local country acts including Andy Vaughan and the Drive Line and Jay Turner, Erik is quite the collector of bass guitars.  You never know which one he's going to bring on stage.  It might be the glitter pink "Barbie" Fender, as shown in this photo or a custom Red, White & Blue Buck Owens model or perhaps one of many vintage Rickenbackers.  No matter which one he has, he always lays down the solid bottom of The Sequels distinctive sound.













Scot Hale: Drums, Vocals
Scot has been around since Parker Field RVA. About the time that Doug and Bob were playing to drunken hippie-chicks at long forgotten bars near VCU, Scot was playing fifth grade snare drum to John Bonham & Don Henley and would eventually join ‘the American cover band’. This 30 year ride would start with the adventures of Mirage (“Not the illusion but more like the French fighter jet cuz that is Cooler!” according to the Singer!??) where he learned to show up on time and don’t screw up the gig.  Then with No Small Feet, he learned that songs by bands like Boston & Kansas can rock at weddings.  In 2007 Scot joined Premiere Band having more fun than ever filling the dance floor baby! Between all of that Scot has played with several other projects including another Americana oriented group call TheNewOldz and the ever interesting acoustic band, Strummer where he first met Doug.