Hello and thanks for stopping by!  The Sequels are Doug Meacham, Bob Lawler, Ryan Lake, Greg Handakas and Mike Moore

We play covers of great Roots Rock, Americana, Alt-Country, Country Rock and Honky-Tonk songs. As part of a long, rich tradition of songwriting in this neck of the musical universe, these are songs that tell stories full of interesting, colorful and frequently flawed characters and situations that we all can relate to.  Timeless emotional stories about the complexities of relationships.  Tall tales about larger than life characters who put themselves in questionable situations.  

The Sequels tell these tales through rich vocal harmonies and our unique and multi-talented players. The line-up features a tight drums and bass section, three guitarists (two play lead), pedal steel, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, piano and organ. 

You can see some of our recent performance on our YouTube channel.  

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Want to hear three brand-spankin' new rehearsal recordings?  Head over to the Recordings page. 

We've got Waylon Jennings' "The Only Daddy That will Walk The Line",  "Down By The Water" from The Decemberists and "Excuse Me If I Break My Own Heart" from Ryan Adam's early project, Whiskeytown.

There's one more new recording that I don't have space for here, but you can hear "Dark Days" from singer-songwriter Jake Smith, aka The White Buffalo on Soundcloud

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