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Want to hear three brand-spankin' new rehearsal recordings?  Head over to the Recordings page. 

We've got Waylon Jennings' "The Only Daddy That will Walk The Line",  "Down By The Water" from The Decemberists and "Excuse Me If I Break My Own Heart" from Ryan Adam's early project, Whiskeytown.

There's one more new recording that I don't have space for here, but you can hear "Dark Days" from singer-songwriter Jake Smith, aka The White Buffalo on Soundcloud

Building the Band - The Sequels Rehearsal Sessions  

We've been busy building our first set and as of last week we have a 16 song set ready to play.  The set looks like this:  

  • I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons   
  • Another Is Waiting - Avett Bros   
  • Doreen - Old 97s   
  • Labor of Love - Fruition   
  • The Heart - NEEDTOBREATHE   
  • Dim Lights, Thick Smoke - Dwight Yoakam   
  • Let It Ride - Ryan Adams   
  • Redneck Mother - Cracker   
  • The Shape I'm In - The Band / Nathaniel Ratliff   
  • Stomp and Holler - Hayes Carll   
  • Up In Smoke - Blackberry Smoke   
  • Already Gone - Eagles   
  • Box Full Of Letters - Wilco   
  • Nancy Sinatra - Bottle Rockets   
  • O Lonesome Me - Kentucky Headhunters   
  • Suspicious Minds - Dwight Yoakam

This week, we will go through the entire set live a few times to polish up any rough edges and to practice the transitions between songs.  We like to play several songs back to back without any break as that usually keeps an audience engaged and dancing.  We do need to stop a few times because of various instrument changes .  Be sure to check out some other rehearsal recordings on our Music page